About Twynes.com offers applications meant to enable collaboration and communication for both organizations as well as social setups.

The collaboration services offered by Twynes.com include:
  • Audio and Video calls: group calls as well as 1:1 calls

  • Screen sharing: just screen sharing as well as screen sharing added to calls

  • Chats: groups messaging as well as 1:1 messaging, along with emojis and GIFs.
Chat Chat enables users to connect with people around the world as well as with those in their immediate vicinity. Here you make new connections and multiply them, using chat rooms, groups and 1:1 conversations.
Learn more Workspace Workspace is meant to set your organization up for meetings, collaboration and communication. The users and all interactions are limited to the organization. The Workspace suits best for use as a collaboration tool for organization-specific needs. The Workspace works well for both 'Work Groups' and 'Social Groups'.
Learn more
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Below are the related links for the terms of use of these third-party applications and services. Please read them carefully. GoogleTenor.comNOTE Our "Terms of use" are subject to reasonable changes over time. Please visit this section again for reviewing any changes in our "Terms of use". We will also notify you via email or take prior consent (in applicable cases) whenever we make any important changes to our 'Terms of use'.

Question: Sometimes I don't see GIF option in the conversations. How to get the GIFs back?

Answer: Following are the possibilities and solutions:

  • You did not accept all cookies. Often happens in the incognito browsers but can happen in any browser. To get the GIFs back: go to Settings -> Privacy -> Cookie settings -> click 'Go' and 'Accept all'.
  • If you chose the light login option then GIFs maybe disabled. To get the GIFs back: you need to re-login with light-login option unchecked. (may be slow to load if you had slow internet speeds)

Question: What happens to my guest (anonymous) user once I am logged out ?

Answer: About 28 days after a guest user being inactive, the guest login handle(nick) is deleted. The deleted guest nick becomes available to a new guest user to use. The data of guest users who end up using same nick, is not available to one another, thereby guest users' privacy is protected.

Question: Why can I not do certain actions as a guest user e.g. adding another user as a contact ?

Answer: It's primarily because the guest logins are temporary. It's very quick and easy to covert the guest login to a regular account using 'Sign up' button available within the guest login, which gives you access to all regular account features.

Question: Sometimes my login gets stuck. What should I do ?

Answer: Whenever you encounter a stuck login, try to clear the cache using https://www.twynes.com/clearcache url hit, and then try to login again.

Question: How do I share my feedback and comments with Twynes.com ?

Answer: Signed in users get options to request a feature or report a bug. Additionally, you can send your notes via email to feedback@twynes.com. We appreciate all your comments and feedback.

Question: I did not receive the email that Twynes.com says, it sent on signup or password-reset. What should I do ?

Answer: Check the email folders/labels named Spam or Junk, in your email client. If it was not found in any email folder, retry the step to request another email. Please allow some time(say 5-10 mins) between such retries from your side.


  • jquery-textcomplete

    Twynes.com uses an adapted version of 'jquery-textcomplete' npm package. Details follow:

    * Author: Yuku Takahashi
    * Git Repo
    * License: MIT (License)

  • Fonts by fontawesome.com (v4.7.0 or later)

    Twynes.com uses icons(js and css) from fontawesome.com. Details follow:

    * Site: fontawesome.com
    * License: License/Plans

  • Media Tones by notificationsounds.com

    Twynes.com uses a select few media tones from notificationsounds.com. Details follow:

    * Site: notificationsounds.com
    * License: CC Attribution 4.0 International (License)