About Chat Twynes Chat enables users to connect with people around the world as well as with those in your immediate vicinity. Here you make new connections and multiply it, using chat-rooms, channels and 1:1 conversations.

Chat Rooms are organized by topics and locations. Twynes Chat also provides Local Rooms, wherein you connect with folks who are in nearby areas and neighborhood. Besides the signed login, Twynes Chat additionally offers guest(anonymous) logins, to enable you to casually chat and leave without having to sign up. Some users may also find anonymous login interesting if they do not want to disclose their identities just yet, for casual chatting. However, sign-up untaps many more features thereby many more possibilities. e.g. allowing you to stay connected with your friends.

For many of us, a better use of that free time typically is to make some new connections, exploring people and cultures around the world. Use that free time to make new friends, learn about others, plan your meetup or simply gossip.

The collaboration services offered by Twynes Chat include:
  • Audio and Video calls : group calls as well as 1:1 calls

  • Screensharing : just screensharing as well as screensharing added to calls

  • Chats : Chat rooms, Channels and 1:1 messaging, along with emojis and GIFs.
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